Pastor’s Corner – October 15, 2017


Many, many thanks to all who helped, supported and attended the festival last weekend.  Once again, it was a success and would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers and their gifts of time, talent and treasure.  Feedback from those who came out has been completely positive and it appears that a good time was had by all.  An insert has been placed in this bulletin specifically thanking all who helped.  Please be sure to patronize our sponsors when you can!  A financial accounting will be provided once all the information is available, although we can say that it was a financial success and that we raised approximately $30,000!!  Thanks again to all who made it possible.



Next weekend, our parish will participate for the first time in the “Baby Bottle Campaign.”  The Baby Bottle Campaign is intended to help support our local  Pregnancy Resource Center, the state licensed maternity home for homeless and pregnant women, and a boutique which provides necessary items for pregnant mothers and children needing assistance.  All of these services are free of charge to the woman and children in need and are provided by the Desormeaux Foundation.


Together, these services provide the woman with pregnancy testing, consultation, ultrasound imaging, chastity education, food, shelter, clothing and anything necessary a mother and baby need to start a new life.  Unfortunately, even in a country as prosperous as ours, many times women consider and choose to end a pregnancy because of the lack of financial and emotional resources.  One way for us to not only say we are pro-life but also to concretely support life is to help provide the resources necessary for these mothers and children to choose and celebrate a new life in a dignified and nurturing environment.  We thank the Desormeaux Foundation for the wonderful work that they do, and pray for the continued success of their ministries.  Baby bottles will be available after all Masses next weekend and can be returned the following weekend with a donation.  Please be generous to this most worthwhile cause.



Fr. Lafleur has been awarded another Distinguished Service Cross.  The Distinguished Service Cross is the second highest military award that can be given to a member of the United States Army (the highest being the Medal of Honor) and is awarded for “extreme gallantry and risk of life in actual combat with an armed enemy force.”  Actions that merit the Distinguished Service Cross “must be of such a high degree that they are above those required for all other U.S. combat decorations” except the Medal of Honor.  We have always remembered Fr. Lafleur for his saintly life, but should remember the concrete actions of courage and bravery that he undertook that make him also a real war hero.  This second Distinguished Service Cross once again confirms this fact.

The award will be presented this Tuesday, October 17 at 9am in the church.  Needless to say, this is a wonderful event for our parish and community.  It is something that many of us have never had the opportunity to attend or may never again.  All are invited to come for the award ceremony, and I hope especially that our parents who are able can bring their children to see this wonderful event!



“Leaders & Legends” is the theme of the St. Landry Catholic Church Cemetery Tours this year, and the tours are this weekend and next weekend.  The tour times are Saturday at 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30 & 8 PM and Sunday at 2 & 3 PM.  Tours are $10 per person, and will be limited to groups of 15 (please wear walking shoes).  The main tours are not handicapped accessible and due to safety it is recommended children be at least 10 years of age.  Handicapped accessible tours are planned for Sunday, October 15 and 22 at 3pm.  For more information – call 337-942-6552 or 308-3474. Proceeds from the tours are used for historical grave restoration.


Finally, thank you all so much for you kind feedback on the first two sabbatical presentations on Rome and Pope Francis.  Just a note that the next sabbatical presentation will be Wednesday, October 25 at 7pm.  The topic will be The Holy Land and will include some thoughts on immigration, something that Pope Francis has been speaking about often in the recent months.  I hope you are able to join.




Father Brady

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