Pastor’s Corner – November 5, 2017

Many thanks to all who participated in our Memorial Mass on All Souls Day last Thursday.  Unfortunately, due to my father’s passing, I was unable to be there as I was in Philadelphia, PA for his committal service.  I’m sure, as usual, it was a beautiful liturgy, and I know the families who grieve appreciate the support of those who were able to attend. I will be one of those people next year.  We thank all our servers, extraordinary ministers, lectors, choir members and sacristans, as well as Deacon Joubert who coordinated the liturgy. Their work and dedication is very much appreciated. Please be sure to keep in your prayers those who mourn, as well as continuing to pray for the repose of souls in purgatory.

Many, Many Thanks from Myself and My Family for Your Support at My Dad’s Passing

As mentioned above, I’ll be out this week to attend my Father’s committal service in Philadelphia.  However, I want you to know how grateful I am to you all for your outpouring of support during my and my family’s time of need after Dad’s passing.  The prayers, cards, flowers, expressions of sympathy and condolences, as well attendance and kind words to Mom and our family at his funeral have meant so much to me and my family and have helped us through this time.  I mentioned last week that there was a really beautiful effect your goodness had on my Mother, so I want to explain this a little.


As is the case with all mother’s, Mom worries about her children and their well-being.  In our case, my mother has a particular concern about myself and my brother, since we are priests and don’t have a biological family to look after us.  Mom was always concerned about me being in the Diocese of Lafayette, since I’m not a native and have no siblings living in the diocese.  Her fears were allayed and she was truly at peace (and told me so) when she came to my ordination in 2006 and saw the beautiful outpouring of love and affection at my ordination and the surrounding events.  She knew the diocese had become my home, not only geographically but also in the people of the diocese.


Again, in my assignment to St. Landry and living in Opelousas, she also had the same concerns, although less so.  The outpouring from our church community here at St. Landry again moved her to more peace about her son living in a place with which she was not familiar.  The kind words many of you told her both in person at the funeral and in the notes sent really helped her to know that her son was okay just where he was.  In many ways at this stage of my life, her peace is my peace.  For this, I am truly and especially grateful to all of you for not only giving me your love and support, but also giving my mother such a wonderful gift!  May God bless you all for your goodness!!


Mark Your Calendar for Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet – November 26th

We are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving and the end of the Liturgical Year, which concludes November 26 when we celebrate The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. As has now become custom, we will also have our annual appreciation banquet for all our volunteers that evening after the 5pm Mass at the Opelousas Catholic cafeteria. All who volunteer and give the gift of time to our church community are invited, but at the risk of omitting someone (please accept my apology in advance!) these volunteers and their spouses are invited:


Members of The Altar Society and Knights of Columbus

Money Counters


Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Altar Servers and their parents

Festival Volunteers


Members of the Parish Advisory Board and Finance Council



Members of our choirs and musicians

CLJ/Bible Study Leaders

Religious Ed Instructors


We thank all of our volunteers for their gift of time and talent, a gift without which we would not be able to function as a church community. Please make plans to attend, and we look forward to seeing you there!



Father Brady

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