Pastor’s Corner – November 26, 2017

Today, we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King, which concludes the Church’s liturgical year. This celebration is a reminder to us that Jesus can help us to overcome any problem we might have if we let Him reign in our hearts. The primary goal of our life here on earth is to live with God for eternity in the next life.  As Christians this must be our first priority. We make this our first priority by following God’s commands as Jesus teaches us through His Church, both in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, and by cooperating with God’s Grace in Faith, Hope and Charity. No matter what the circumstances in our lives here on earth, we always have the hope of eternal life in heaven, and nothing on earth has the power to take that away from us. In sum, today we celebrate the gift God has given to us in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and we renew our resolve to live a life on earth worthy of the eternal life God has promised. Let us praise Christ our King!


Next Sunday is the 1st Sunday of Advent, the beginning of our new liturgical year.  Over the next week, it would be good to reflect on the last year and the state of our spiritual life, noting places of progress and places where we lack.  Just like any other endeavor, we have to be vigilant about our spiritual life.  In that vigilance, we practice the human virtues of prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude and then cooperate with the grace given to us by God in practicing our faith, hope and charity.  It is a time for us to see where we lack in these virtues, and then make “New Year” resolutions to address the lacking.  This can take place in a more disciplined prayer life, learning about Jesus in the Bible, or being more generous in giving gifts of our time, talent or treasure.  The hope is that during Advent we will let Jesus make things anew in our lives, casting off the old life and living more fully a life in Christ.  Let us do our part in cooperating with God’s Grace by preparing for the “New Year.”


With the coming of Advent, as usual we will have daily readers for the season in the church for your use, so please help yourself.  Once again, the readers have been donated by one of our parishioners whose wish is to remain anonymous.  We thank our generous benefactor for this gift to each of us, and if you would, please keep our benefactor in your prayers.  In addition, pursuant to a request from our Parish Advisory Board, we will have Confessions available before each Sunday Mass during Advent, beginning about a half hour before Mass.  Because of the timing necessary for the priest to be ready for Mass, he will stay only until the line ends (or 10 minutes before Mass, whichever is later) and then go to the sacristy to prepare for Mass.  In addition, we will again have “The Light is on for You” program during Advent, and Confession will be available during the three Wednesdays in Advent from 6:30-8pm in the church.


Finally, during Advent our choir at the 10am Mass will be introducing sung Latin Mass Parts (these will also be used for the Lenten Season).  Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church and in a material way signifies our unity in Christ by the use of a common language regardless of where we live or what language we speak.  The Latin settings are quite beautiful and all can learn and participate in singing them.  They are from the “Jubilate Deo” setting and are located in our missal beginning on page 377, number 289 forward.


May God Bless us in our acknowledgment that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, the King of our lives, and may He deepen our faith in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas!

 Father Brady

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