Pastor’s Corner – November 19, 2017

Thursday of this week we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Mass that day will be at 9am and I hope to see you there.  As usual, our offertory for that day will be for ICONS, our interfaith food pantry.  During the holiday season, ICONS gets stretched to provide food for those in need, so your support will be especially helpful at the Thanksgiving Mass.  For those who would like to donate food items, boxes have been placed in the church by each of the entrances for that purpose.


Although Thanksgiving is a secular holiday, it is certainly religious in its theme. This year, our church parish community has much for which to thank God.  We completed Valentin Hall and have begun to use it more and more for our parish activities.  The generosity of so many of our parishioners in volunteering their time, talent and treasure has been such a great blessing to our community and to me as your pastor, and I am grateful to God for the blessing that each of you are to me in my priestly life and in the furtherance of the mission of St. Landry Church.  In addition, extra thanks to all of you for your kindness and support in my father’s passing.  It meant so much to myself and my family, especially my mother.   We are also blessed with three devoted deacons and a hard working and dedicated staff who make all the good things happening here possible. Thanks to them and all of you. I continue to be very blessed to be your pastor!


My hope is that during this time of the year all of us are able to look back and see the blessings that God has given us this year, as a church community and individually, and to thank Him.  Of course, some of us have suffered during the year, and many have said “good-bye for now” to loved ones who have passed into the next life, including myself.  However, even if it has been a difficult year for you individually or as a family, we can still thank God for the hope of eternal life that He has given us, a hope that eases the pain of suffering and death in this world with the belief that we will all be joined together again, without pain or suffering, in God’s Heavenly Kingdom.  Let us take the time to thank God for all His blessings, great and small.


On another note, we will celebrate Christ the King Sunday next weekend.  This is the end of our Sunday liturgical year, where we celebrate Jesus as our King.  The following Sunday is the 1st Sunday of Advent, the beginning of our new liturgical year.  During the time off from work this week and the following week, it would be good to reflect on the last year and the state of our spiritual life, noting places of progress and places where we lack.  Just an in any other endeavor, we have to be vigilant about our spiritual life and hopefully make “New Year” resolutions for it, whether it be in our prayer or gifts of our time, talent or treasure.  The hope is that during Advent we will let Jesus make things anew in our lives, casting off the old life and living a more full life in Christ.  Let us do our part in cooperating with God’s Grace by preparing for the “New Year.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I hope you enjoy the long weekend!

Father Brady

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