Pastor’s Corner – May 20, 2018

This weekend we celebrate “Pentecost Sunday.” Pentecost is our celebration and remembrance of the coming of the Holy Spirit into the world to and for each of us, giving us the Grace to imitate Jesus in our lives. The Holy Spirit is also the heart of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church (See Acts 15:28, describing the Council of Jerusalem and its decisions being that not only of the Apostles, but of the Holy Spirit as well).


Jesus told the Apostles that he would send His Spirit, Who would teach and remind them of all the things He taught. Therefore, The Holy Spirit teaches us all things (first and foremost through His Church) and reminds us of what is truly good.  He prompts us to love God and each other as Jesus did, and gives us the Grace to act upon those promptings. Our devotion to living a life in Christ should be total, not partial.  Reliance on the Holy Spirit at all times is necessary to live such a complete Christian life of discipleship.


Of course, none of us has reached a point of complete imitation of Christ, so we continue to examine our lives and change, or convert, in accord with the prompting of the Holy Spirit and our cooperation. The first way of knowing we are living in accord with The Holy Spirit is that we do all things that Jesus commanded us, beginning with the commandments as taught by Jesus and His Church. In doing that, we can learn to more fully love as Jesus loved.


Congratulations to our Graduates of 2018!

The graduation season has begun, and we congratulate all of our high school graduates of the Class of 2018 from Opelousas Catholic, our public schools and our home schools!  We especially celebrate the graduates of Opelousas Catholic, our parish school, which held its Graduation Mass and Ceremony in our church Friday night.  College graduations are also taking place, and we congratulate all of our college graduates as well.  May God Bless all of you as you move into the next phase of your lives.  Our hope is that you always remember and appreciate the gift that God and your families have given to you in your education, and that you always use that gift for the good of yourselves in growing closer to God, and for the good of others in your service to them.  Again, we congratulate all our graduates and their families, and pray that they continue their life’s journey utilizing the natural gifts that God has given to them, but most importantly, that they continue to grow in the supernatural gifts of faith, hope and charity in the good lives that they lead.


The Beginning of Summer Break

The last few weeks have been very busy for many of us! After the Easter Triduum we had our First Communion, then Confirmations, and this week graduations and all the other various awards banquets, recitals and tournaments that mark the end of the school year. Very few of us did not have “extra duty” helping with or attending these events. Whew…it’s time for summer vacation!


Hopefully, many of us will have the opportunity to take a break and enjoy our families and friends over the summer, with many taking a family vacation. This is a good and healthy thing. It is good to remember, though, that during this time we do not take a vacation from God. This Spring, we’ve travelled through the disciplines of Lent and the joys of Easter, and hopefully have grown closer to God during this time. Summer vacation is not a time to allow the gains we have made in our relationship with God to lessen. Rather it should be strengthened by the reminders of God’s Love provided to us during these special seasons. Regardless of the time of year, we never take a break from God. As we plan our vacations, wherever they may be, we should be sure to not only plan accommodations and activities, but also how, when and where we will attend Mass. God is with us at all times. The question for us is whether we remain with Him!



God Bless!

Father Brady

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