Pastor’s Corner – May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day!! Today, we celebrate Motherhood, a most noble and wonderful vocation dedicated to the nurturing and Christian formation of children (regardless of the age of the children!). The good of children is entrusted to mothers and fathers by God. The vocation of motherhood is first and foremost taught by the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and is best exemplified in a particular way by Our Blessed Mother.  First and foremost, Mary was a disciple living concretely her Christian vocation and rejoicing in it, even when it was very difficult.


Motherhood is a blessing and gift from God. As in all things, God teaches us how to properly respond to the gifts He gives. In other words, what is truly “good” is taught to us by God. Our Savior commanded us to love each other as He loved us.  Therefore, the standard for being a “good” mother or father is provided by God in the life of His Son and as taught by His Church, as well as the good example of saintly mothers.


In every generation there is “conventional wisdom” of what being a “good mother” means. Indeed, the specific circumstances of a mother’s life does impact what it takes to be a good mother. However, the core of a mother’s mission remains constant in every generation and never changes: Nurturing by word and deed the seeds of faith and salvation God has planted in their children so that their children can one day live in the Communion of Saints in heaven. Any conventional wisdom that is inconsistent with this core mission does not teach “good” motherhood.


Today, we thank God for the blessing of children and motherhood in His plan of salvation.  We thank all our mothers who have given to each of us true goodness in the lives that they lead. We pray for all mothers who struggle in their vocation.  We pray also, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, the Mother of Consolation, for mothers whose children have passed from this life into the next.


Confirmations – Many Thanks!

Last Sunday at the 5pm Mass twenty-four of our young people received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  It was a beautiful liturgy and we thank Msgr. Curtis Mallet for coming to celebrate the sacrament with our community.  We, along with the families of the confirmands, celebrate with joy the gift of God’s Grace given in the sacrament to our young people.  Again, many thanks to Deacon Joubert who coordinated and taught the program, and Nancy Briley who assisted him.


Our Support of the Poor and Those in Need

As the steward of the funds you give for use to help those in need, I want to first thank you for your generosity, but also in a spirit of transparency report to you how the funds are used.  The funds are used to help those who come to the church seeking assistance with food, shelter or clothing.  We are able to help those who come to us and are truly in need (usually on a one time basis).


Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to determine who is truly in need because some try to “game” the system.  We generally make sure no one leaves our church premises truly hungry or in need of clothing or temporary shelter.  In addition to individual assistance, we also help local charities that have the ability to better screen those seeking assistance for true need.  These charities include ICONS (our local food pantry), Refinery Mission (formerly “Lighthouse Mission,” a men’s shelter), Boy’s and Girl’s Club and Hope for Opelousas (serving children in need) and Opelousas Catholic tuition assistance.  By using these organizations in addition to our help of individuals, we are able to make sure that your donation is being used for its intended purpose and serves those who are truly in need of assistance.


Thank you again for your help and generosity in responding to the Gospel call to help the vulnerable with basic services.  It is truly appreciated.

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