Pastor’s Corner – June 24, 2018

A message to us from newly ordained Fr. Ben Pitre:


Dear St. Landry Parish Parishioners and Friends,


If someone had proposed to me ten years ago that I would be here on the brink of ordination to the priesthood, I would have laughed incredulously; it is truly hard to believe that this moment has arrived.  When I look at how much my life has changed in such a short time, I am struck by God’s overabundant care and concern for our good.  It is clear that he cannot be outdone in generosity and that his gifts far surpass any good that we could give to ourselves and our neighbors.  So often we sit and plan our future, hoping to provide ourselves and our families with the utmost security, stability and happiness.  Yet, still more often our Father sets these plans aside (sometimes in a gentle way; sometimes not so gently) and sets in motion his plan for our happiness.  It is only when we step back and pause that we realize how much better it is when God plans our destiny and leads us forth to fulfill it.  Indeed, the Son of God is our shepherd and leader.  It is difficult at times to see where he is taking us, to trust that the journey is for our good, and to desire to attach ourselves to Jesus at all costs.  Still, when we do these things with the grace of the Holy Spirit, we clearly perceive that there is no limit to the goodness of God, our Father.

Once again, but surely not for the last time, I thank all of you for your love and support.  I am more than happy to share this moment in my life with each one of you, and I hope that as a parish community, we are all better for it.  May God repay each one of you in full for all the good that you have done for me and my family, and may he bestow upon you through Jesus Christ every blessing.

With Love,

Father Ben Pitre


Please be sure to join us in celebrating Father Ben Pitre’s ordination with his First Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving at the 10am Mass this weekend with a reception to follow in the Opelousas Catholic gymnasium.


A Farewell of Sorts…

Next weekend will be my last at St. Landry as your Pastor.  I’m sure that I’ll be back for various events, such as the Fr. Lafleur Memorial Mass, so it’s not a forever “farewell.”  The last Mass that I will celebrate is 10am next Sunday, and after Mass we will have a reception at the Opelousas Catholic cafeteria.  I hope you are able to make it to both the Mass and reception, and look forward to seeing you there.  God Bless!



God Bless!

Father Brady

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