Pastor’s Corner from August 27, 2017


This week we will begin presentations on my sabbatical in Rome during the first 4 months of this year.  Last weekend we published a tentative schedule.  Unfortunately, I got confused on some of the dates/days, so the schedule will have to be re-worked a bit in the coming weeks.  My goal is to schedule the presentations at a time when it will not interfere with other parish activities, such as bible studies, service group meetings and administrative meetings.  A new schedule will be published in the coming weeks.


For now, we will have the first two presentations this week and the third in the second week of September on the 13th (the topic will be The Holy Land).  We will then have a two week interval due to my attendance at the Louisiana Priests’ Convention September 19-21 as well as attendance the following week at Ben Pitre’s ordination to the transitional diaconate in Rome from September 25-29.  Many of you are also attending Ben’s ordination, which is a wonderful moment for our parish, our first transitional deacon since Bishop Jarrell!  Please continue to keep Ben in your prayers!!



Our first two sabbatical presentations will be Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, August 29th and 30th BEGINNING AT 7PM in the Valentin Hall Dining Room.  They will last about 45 minutes and the two topics will be on Rome and its history and Pope Francis and his papacy.  On Tuesday, besides a general overview of Roman history and its importance to us because it is the seat of our Church, we will also look at the development of Christianity in the buildings of Rome, including the 4 major basilicas and a few other churches and sites of importance.


On Wednesday, we’ll turn to Pope Francis.  There is no doubt that Pope Francis is different from what we are used to as a Pope, at least in my lifetime (the first pope that I remember being elected was Pope John Paul I in 1977.  He passed away shortly after he was elected, and we have had Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI before Pope Francis).  We will look at some previous popes and contrast the different perspective that Pope Francis brings to the papacy while at the same time preserving the unity of faith we have in the Chair of Peter.


In the sabbatical presentations, my hope is that they will be fun, enjoyable, informative and educational regarding our Church, our Faith and our culture.  The goal of the sabbatical was to help me to be a better priest and pastor by broadening my perspective and world view and bringing that back to our community.  Our community paid for part of the sabbatical, and that was a great gift to me.  But that gift needs to be returned to you in the form of sharing the things learned in my ministry and service to you.  My hope is that these presentations suffice as a token of my appreciation for all you have done for me.



Father Brady



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