Pastor’s Corner from July 23, 2017

This week of vacation has been great, although the thunderstorms have been looming around some of my favorite fishing spots. Nevertheless, we had some really good fishing days and hopefully will have a few more good trips before returning home for next weekend. Many thanks to Fr. Marcin Surga of the Redemporists for giving the mission appeal last weekend, and thanks to you for your generous response!

Valentin Hall Construction and Dedication

As you may already be aware from previous bulletin articles, we are happy to welcome Bishop Deshotel in two weeks for the dedication of the newly renovated Valentin Hall. Bishop Deshotel will preside and preach at the 4pm Mass Saturday evening, August 5. After Mass, we will proceed directly to the Valentin Hall Chapel for the Prayers of Dedication followed by a reception in the newly renovated kitchen area. Please mark your calendar to attend this very special event for our parish! For those of you who do not plan to attend the 4pm Mass, the Prayers of Dedication will begin a little after 5pm.

The final approval of the Valentin Hall renovation plans and permission to proceed was received last year at about this time, after which we signed the construction contract and began construction. As you know, our original plans had to be modified to meet our needs and budget capabilities. In rough numbers, the total cost of the renovation was about $800,000. We have already paid approximately $550,000 of these expenses. The remaining amount of approximately $250,000 was borrowed under the diocesan loan program. We hope to pay off this debt early (in the next two years or so) using the assessment credit from the project as well as the parish portion of the funds from The Centennial Campaign. We also left a sufficient amount for a “rainy day” in
the case of an emergency building repair in our building endowment.

The first part of the project was replacement of the windows. There is no doubt the new windows improved the beauty of the building and made it much more energy efficient. The parking lot, the new sidewalk and fencing, the handicapped entrance, the landscaping, and the exterior cleaning and repair made the building and corner area not only more functional, but much more attractive.

The interior renovations both restored the building and improved functionality for parish use. The work improved the building infrastructure which included an electrical upgrade and wiring, lighting, and air conditioning; two additional bathrooms (including handicapped accessibility); more meeting rooms; more office space; and a newly renovated kitchen/small reception area. The hall will serve us better as our parish center not only for offices and meeting space, but also for the education of our children in CCD and sacramental preparation programs. It will also provide adequate space for bible study and prayer groups. It is indeed a very exciting time for us, and our hope is that the newly renovated building will serve our parishioners needs both now and for years to come.

The building restoration has turned out beautifully, maybe even better than expected. There will be many thanks given in the bulletin the weekend of the dedication, however at this time I want to thank you again for your generosity and financial support, without which this endeavor would not have been possible. In the end, we could not have completed this project without the prayer and financial support of our community. Please know how much your trust and generosity is appreciated!

I look forward to seeing you all next weekend, and God Willing, at the dedication the weekend after. God Bless!

Fr. Brady

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