Pastor’s Corner – February 25, 2018

Today we celebrate the 2nd Sunday of Lent, and our Gospel reading of the day is “The Transfiguration.”  The Transfiguration represents many things, including Jesus’ fulfillment of the teachings of the Law and the Prophets and the glory that is to come.  However, this weekend, the focus relates to last weekend’s theme of repentance, or “change.”   We must first be open to change our lives to conform with the teachings of Jesus.  If we do not, then we have what is referred to as a “hard heart.”  God cannot work with a hard heart because we are free to accept or reject His Grace, so if we have already decided not to change our lives, then God will not force us to change, as that would impair our freedom.  Today, The Transfiguration represents to us what could be if only we would follow Jesus completely.  The beauty of the transfigured Jesus could be our beauty if we follow Him.  Today, we are given a motivation for our Lenten repentance and the hope that we can make permanent changes for good in our lives.

The Bishop’s Services Appeal (BSA)

The Bishop’s Services Appeal (BSA) is an annual appeal accomplished as a result of the combined efforts of our 121 church parishes and 28 missions in our diocese. Located across eight civil parishes, the Diocese of Lafayette is able to make available vital programs, ministries and services through the generosity of parishioners and donors. Since 1973, the BSA has been Supporting the Works of Christ by serving others and ministering to those in need.  Besides charitable endeavors, the BSA helps to support vocations and other services St. Landry and other parishes need but could not otherwise afford.  Here at St. Landry we have benefitted greatly from services provided by the diocese, especially technical expertise in bookkeeping, architectural work and financial planning.  I can’t thank you enough for your support in the past years, and I hope you are able to continue your generous contributions this year.

This year, the timing of the BSA has changed from October to February, so we are just beginning the usual annual campaign now.  Included in this bulletin is an insert with BSA information as well as an explanation of the theme for this year, which is “Century of Love.”  This theme incorporates our diocesan centennial celebration.  Many of you have or will be mailed directly campaign materials since you have contributed in the past.  For the rest of us, we hope you are able to pledge generously to the appeal or make the appeal a priority in the regular second offertories for which we provide envelopes in the envelope package.  If you do not receive offertory envelopes and would like to receive them, please call the office and we would be happy to assist you.  It is a great way to be disciplined in the financial support of our community.

For those who are not sent a direct solicitation from the BSA, materials for pledges and donations are locate in the pews and in the rear of the church.  Again, I hope you are able to be as generous as you have been in the past, and if you have any questions about the appeal, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Dr. Charles Bertrand, M.D. honored by the Opelousas General Health System

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Charles Bertrand (“Dr. B”) for his induction into the Opelousas General Health System Hall of Fame.  I was blessed to be able to attend the wonderful event last month, and as everyone who knows Dr. Bertrand would agree, he is a deserving recipient.  Dr. Bertrand has served our community as a pediatrician for more than 50 years and has a reputation not only for competence, but for love and compassion for his patients and their families.  He has also gone on numerous mission trips (more than 60!) to help those in places with inadequate medical care (risking his own safety at times) and has worked to assist immigrants be placed, cared for and assimilated into our society.  Dr. Bertrand is an active member of St. Landry Church, and all who know him can’t miss the size of his heart and his goodness.  We thank Opelousas General for the gift that it is to our community, and thank Dr. Bertrand for his service to our church and community.  May God give them many more years to continue to do His work!

Don’t forget to sign up for your Parish Directory Family Picture!  It is a great way to practice a Lenten discipline, and is a charity to those who have volunteered to help with this project!!  Thanks!

Father Brady


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