Pastor’s Corner December 24, 2017


Merry Christmas!!  This evening we begin our celebration of Christmas with our Christmas Vigils at 4pm and 6pm, and over the next 8 days we celebrate the Octave of Christmas.  The Octave of Christmas ends on the Feast Day of Mary, the Mother of God (January 1st).  Of course, we celebrate Christmas Day in a special way, it being the day we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  After the Octave of Christmas, we continue to celebrate the Christmas Season until the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord on January 8, 2018.


Much of the world will be finished with Christmas by Tuesday morning, but we continue to celebrate the Mystery of the Incarnation for more than two weeks.  Our Blessed Mother reflected on the marvel of the Incarnation in her heart (Luke 2:19). So should we.  Let us take advantage of the full season of Christmas in order to receive the fullness of the Grace and Peace of Christ!


Schedule Next Weekend

Because January 1st falls on Monday, it is not a holy day of obligation this year.  Therefore, next weekend our Mass schedule will be the same as usual, that is, 4pm Saturday Vigil and 8am, 10am and 5pm Sunday.  Mass for January 1st, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, will be at 9am.


Thanks to all of you!!

At this time of year, it is always good to give God thanks for the gifts he has given to us, the first and foremost being His Son, from whom all graces flow and who is the source of our salvation.  We should also take into account the particular gifts we have received in the past year and thank God for them.  Each and every one of us has at least been blessed with the gift of living another year here on earth, with the opportunity to grow in our knowledge and love of God. In my case, there is the specific gift that St. Landry Church and its people have been to me.  I want to thank all of you for your support over last year, particularly your support after my father died.  It reminded me how important the support of our community is to me and is a gift to be cherished.  The last seven and a half years have certainly been a joyful time for me, and I am lucky to be here.  You have been supportive in every initiative we have undertaken, and have been patient with me when I make mistakes.  I know that you have helped me to become a better priest and pastor. The longer I am here, my appreciation for God’s gift to me in being pastor here only deepens.  I want to especially thank our deacons and staff, who have been absolutely wonderful in their help to me and our parish.   I also want to thank you for your generosity, especially over the last few weeks. The number of cards, the amount of food, and the Christmas gifts you have dropped by was both generous and humbling.  I will try to thank you individually when we see each other.  In the meantime, please know of my thanks and appreciation for the Christmas gifts and for all you have done for me and our parish, not only during the past few weeks but ever since I arrived!  May God Bless you all in this Christmas Season, that you may receive the Graces God the Father gives to you in the Incarnation of His Son, that you may cooperate with them through the power of the Holy Spirit, and that you may come to know Him ever more deeply in the upcoming year.


Baby Bottle and Centennial Campaign: Thanks!!

Thanks also for your continued support of the Centennial Campaign and Baby Bottle Campaign.  The Baby Bottle Campaign raised approximately $1,500 to materially support pregnant women and help them bring their children into the world in a healthy and dignified way.  It is wonderful that so many put their money where their mouth was when it comes to being “Pro-Life!”  On the Centennial Campaign, we received our semi-annual disbursement of approximately $14,000, which as promised was used to help extinguish the debt for the Valentin Hall Renovation.  Thanks again for your continued support in fulfilling the pledges made for the campaign!!

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