Pastor’s Corner – April 22, 2018

This weekend we celebrate the 4th Sunday of Easter, commonly referred to as “Good Shepherd Sunday.” It is called “Good Shepherd Sunday” because of the Gospel readings of the day (there are three readings that are rotated each year) are taken from the 10th chapter of St. John’s Gospel.  In the 10th chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus describes Himself as the Good Shepherd who will lay down His life for His sheep.  He also tells us that He knows His sheep and they follow Him, that He will give them eternal life, and that no one can take them out of His hand.  Jesus is the Good Shepherd because of His willingness to lay down His life for our Salvation.  If we choose to be, we can be one of the sheep in His flock.  He has real love for us and cares for us, just as a shepherd has for his flock.  If we remain in Jesus’ flock by doing what he commanded, we will remain safe from harm (spiritual harm) and will receive the gift of eternal life.  This is the certainty that Jesus gives to us in the path to Salvation.  The two biggest threats to that path are fear and trust, both of which can send us off the path and into peril.  Everyone, even the Apostles, who lived for years and traveled with Jesus and saw all the signs and miracles that Jesus performed, fled for fear at His crucifixion.  At times in our lives, all of us are also tempted to stray due to fear or lack of trust in walking the path to Salvation.  We should always heed and take comfort in the words Jesus used so many times:  Be Not Afraid!  We can always know The Good Shepherd will lead us to green and fertile pastures!


During this Easter Season we continue to marvel at how good God is to us in giving us His Only Begotten Son, the Risen Christ, Our Lord and Saviour, and our Good Shepherd. Thanking God for such a Good Shepherd, we continue to celebrate our Easter Joy in the certainty of the path He has shown us to Salvation!



Our Annual Parish Picnic is today after the 10am Mass.  All are invited (Including Visitors!).  Please join us for our Easter Celebration as a community of faith, and share in food, drink and fun!


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