Pastor’s Corner from July 16, 2017

This weekend and next I will be out of town on vacation. This is the time of year where I change from a “fisher of men” into a “fisher of fish.” Know of my prayers for you all while I am away, and please keep me in your prayers as well. I look forward to seeing you upon my return.

Mission Priest This Weekend

As was mentioned in last week’s Pastor’s Corner, this weekend we will have a mission priest preaching at all the Masses. This is the weekend of the year when our parish participates in the
diocesan Mission Cooperative Plan.… Read More

Cleric’s Corner from March 19, 2017

Spirituality is not religion. And conversely religion is not spirituality. Perhaps there was a time in your life when someone asked you, “What religion are you?” And you replied, “I am Catholic.” But has anyone ever asked you about your spirituality?

Though separate the two get mixed.

Spirituality is essential to the human experience. It rises up naturally with awareness; awareness of something beyond. It’s a life force like breath; it’s something I notice first in someone else. Nevertheless if I give this something time . . . it comes to me, speaking and inspiring, bestowing gifts of honesty, forgiveness, gratitude.… Read More

Mass and Confession Schedule

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Sunday8:00 AM
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Mon. - Fri. (Church)12:05 PM
Saturday8:00 AM
Monday - Friday11:30 AM
Saturday2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

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